Japanese Fashion Trading Business - One and Only B2B Platform

Connecting you and Japanese Fashion Designers/Brands.

Enable to business with Japanese Fashion Designers/Brands directly.

Absolutely 100% No Charge. You can purchase Japanese authentic fashion products from designers/brands by wholesale prices.


We are the Japanese organization been assisting Japanese fashion designers/brands for their international business. Without any cost and any risk you can purchase Japanese Fashion products by Japanese domestic wholesale prices!
Japan-Fashion.com is the only organization bridges between Japanese fashion and you.

B2B (B2C)

We mainly provide B2B service.
While most of Japanese Fashion designers/brands don't have lots of experiences international tradings, we are supporting them for more safety and smooth treating. Paid guide during fashion exhibition season is doable. B2C, if you want to buy any Japanese fashion products then use us. We can help you! You can buy without any charge!! contsct us :)


Supporting international payment and shipment.
You may pay directly to the designers/brands company at the purchase order. Also you can pay us to make it easily for the case of refundment.
Our full-range service is from your order until perfect items arrival. We trace the entire process and check carefully your ordered items. You may protected from any trouble while we back up your business.

About Us

Over 10 years

Japan Fashion is opened in 2004 and manages Japanese domestic fashion designers/brands to help their overseas market expansion. After a decade, we restyle our website to international B2B business platform(currently beta ver.) in order to connect Japanese fashion designers/brands and overseas buyers/boutiques directly.
With passionate for Japanese fashion, we are the leading agent in Japanese excrusive fashion industry.

Our Project

Enabling Japanese fashion designers/brands to deal directly with overseas buyers/boutiques. We mediate safety, support, and efficient communication for our clients designers/brands. JF's main purpose is build the world network of buyers/boutique for Japanese fashion designers/brands.

Future Vision

The JF concept is to build the biggest collection of portfolio's from Japanese fashion designers/brands, so as to sell their label abroad to boutiques, select shops. JF have a team of sales staff who will create relationships with boutique, select shop owners. These sales staff will know their clients as friends, not just business contacts. They must know what labels their client stocks, what style of fashion they sell, what type of customer enter their doors and their clients personal fashion interests. With this knowledge, they will have their clients trust and will easily be able to recommend Japanese designers/brands suitable to their clients interest without wasting anyones time.

Our partner appears in local newspapers, LA.

Major Problems and Our Solutions.

Join Us!!

We are promoting some of client designers/brands through SNS.
Here you can check our client brands with their latest news in addition to designers/brands list.
As you are buyer, if you got interest, then you can get their item list with wholesale prices list,
sizes, colors, delivery perioda and other availability with T&C.
This is the same way and same rate as domestic Japanese buyers.


You can do business with Japanese fashion designers/brands directly.